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Hello parents and students,

We are so excited that you are interested in attending Youth Camp 2024! Camp is my favorite event that we do every single year. As a student going to camp, you can expect to have an amazing week full of friends, exciting team activities, and life changing experiences. 

If you are on the fence about going to camp or sending your student to camp let me share a couple of my own personal experiences at camp. As a student I first attended teen camp in 2006. I didn’t want to go initially, but my parents signed me up and made me go. I am so glad that they did! I had an amazing time making lifelong friends and I had my life changed forever. I can say today that I am still serving God because I went to camp. As a leader one of the things I enjoy most about going to camp is seeing our students bond together in a way they never have before. I believe that being a part of a community of believers is necessary for our students to serve God beyond high school. 


A message from Pastor Chase:


-There is limited space at Trinity Pines and registration will close once there is no more room. Get registered today to secure a spot!

-We will meet at Engage Boise on Saturday, June 29th at 12:00pm and arrive back at Engage Boise on Wednesday, July 3rd around 2:00pm.

-The first provided meal is dinner on Saturday, June 29th. Eat lunch before you arrive or bring something to eat on the way up.

-Camp can be a life-changing event and we've had students request to be water baptized in the past as part of their camp experience. We want you to know that this will only happen at the direction of your student's youth leader. Student's parents will be contacted and invited to come participate if a student wishes to get baptized.

WHAT SHOULD I PACK •Bible •Pen/paper •Flashlight •Sleeping bag •Pillow •2 Towels (shower & lake) •Toiletries •Play clothes •Jacket for nighttime •Clothes for water games •Swimsuit •Money for snack shack •Bug spray •Sunscreen •Shoes suitable for hiking

WHAT SHOULD LEAVE AT HOME •Pranking materials. There is a ZERO tolerance policy for pranking. •Weapons •Drugs/alcohol •Pets (We encourage students to leave phones at home. We will only allow students to have phones in the dorms to be used for alarms. We are at camp to be with each other, not with our social media friends. If you need to contact your student, you can contact Pastor Chase at 208-401-4332)

IMPORTANT RULES •Zero tolerance- No Pranking! •Students must participate in all activities unless special permission is given by the Camp Director. •Students are expected to follow the camp schedule and be on time. •Students may not leave the campgrounds for any reason unless accompanied by a staff member and with the Camp Director’s permission. •This is a Christian camp program with biblical and moral standards. Any conduct considered inappropriate could result in dismissal from camp per the Directors discretion. •We take pride in the appearance of our campers. All students are expected to groom themselves neatly. We ask that clothing be kept modest and suggest that you use your local school’s dress code for warmer weather attire.


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